Words Without Pictures #12 George S. Zimbel ©2007

look-right-london-1992.jpgReturning to London after forty years fragmented my emotions
They were high because of the exhibition, and low because I was there alone.
I wanted Elaine with me.
The day I arrived a killing bomb went off in a pub half a block from the gallery.
But you know the British. Carry on.
My welcome was gracious and the work was displayed with dignity.
Aside from my scheduled activities I walked for hours to soak in the city’s changes.
No more sea of white faces and monotonously elegant tailoring.
The island fortress had been breached and this interested me.
However I decided after a few days that to be sociologically serious was depriving me of pleasure and this was not good.
So,I bought a large bag of English toffee and ate it all.
After forty years, it was a wonderful sensation of deja gout !

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