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For Sale “Girl Among the Books ” 1969 – Vintage SG Print – George S. Zimbel 70 years of Photography

For Sale “Girl Among the Books ” 1969 – Vintage SG Print

Girl Among the Books ©George S. Zimbel 1969.2014
I have been photographing readers for over 60 years, but this is my favorite. I love children,  I love books,… what more is there to say.

A note: I normally don’t go looking among my 8 x 10’s because I need larger prints for exhibitions, but on a recent summer day I went into one of my old 8/10 boxes and found this beautiful vintage print with Mrs. Monkmeyer’s writing on the back. I am harvesting my archive, so it is for sale. Contact me or one of my dealers for price and further details. I will include a signed copy of my “Le Livre des Lecteurs”/”Book of Readers” in the sale…george

Monkmeyer Press Photo Service was George’s stock agency. Ruth Monkmeyer (Mrs) and her husband ran the agency in New York City. This was before the internet and before you could download almost anything you wanted. They had an inventory of prints from around the world. Dad, use to tell me how Ruth had earned her PHD in Germany in the 30’s before immigrating to the United States in 1937. I have looked and there doesn’t seem to be much other information on the internet about the company or about Mr & Mrs Monkmeyer. I will keep looking (written by Andrew Zimbel 2020)

There is a finite inventory of museum quality silver gelatine images available for sale in various sizes, printed and signed by the photographer through these fine art galleries.

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