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I was trying to decide which print I should use with my holiday greeting letter. After 65  years of shooting,.it should be difficult, but….it was easy:  “I’ll use the rooster”.  Don’t ask me where that came from;  also don’t ask me why I press the shutter when I do.  (MFA anyone?)

The point is  I want you to get pleasure from this image  and thank you for your friendship.  Elaine & I send you and yours  best wishes for the upcoming year.

That said I want to give you my  thoughts  about why I chose this. I think you would call it the backstory..
This rooster spent most of the year with the famous Bona Fide Farm chickens..big eggs, big yolks that looked like the setting sun.  He took good care of them.  They were even mentioned in a slick Toronto magazine…wow!  But  that’s surface stuff.

At four this morning I started thinking about why I loved this rooster.  Well, he “flew the coop” (an so did I);  he loved the hay loft in the big barn (an so  did I ) and he spent much of his time looking out at the world (and so do I).  I won’t go further..Elaine is the psychotherapist in the family.

In the New Year do  what you can to make the world better.  It ain’t easy.


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