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The terrible and the wonderful – George S. Zimbel 70 years of Photography

The terrible and the wonderful

jfk-my-family.jpgAt 5:30 this morning instead of sleeping I was thinking that certain photographs become markers in   life and  this was the day to talk about that.   First the terrible :  John Kennedy killed 44years ago..the world changed.    Then the wonderful: My family going to the Red Shutter Inn for Thanksgiving dinner 1964     Everybody has special  images stored in their brains and those  pictures mark a life’s path.  Before and after become palpable, as do joy and grief. Somehow, photographs make the remembering  easier and that is one reason that I am a  documentary photographer.

There is a finite inventory of museum quality silver gelatine images available for sale in various sizes, printed and signed by the photographer through these fine art galleries.

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