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Thanksgiving USA 1946 – George S. Zimbel 70 years of Photography

Thanksgiving USA 1946

Football_Butch #54 & the coaches _Woburn  Mass 1946Thanksgiving Day morning in Woburn Mass. was time for the traditional football competition between the adjacent towns of Winchester & Woburn. I remember  that #54’s nickname was “Butch.” I don’t  remember his last name.

The camera was my 4/5″ Speed Graphic with a Graphex shutter and a 4.7 Ektar 127mm Kodak Lens. Yes, Kodak  did make some lenses during wartime. There was no chrome on this camera..all  flat black. It was the  wartime model.

The negative & the original print have disappeared, but I am still here and was able to scan from the first yearbook at our high school which I miraculously still have. I was the photographer…big surprise.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the States. I think Woburn won the game.


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