Martin Luther King would have liked this scene- Washington D.C.1995


When I was invited to Washington in 1995 for the American Politicians Exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery (MOMA-Susan Kismaric Curator)  I used my time to hunt for new scenes for my  “Still Movies” project.  I have always believed that intuition is a big part of being a documentary photographer and that is why  I started shooting this bicycle messenger (?) and  professional looking woman who were chatting near the White house.  The last time I had been in Washington was to protest the Vietnam war in 1971.  It was a racially  challenged city  and I think that scene would not have  happened. When they kissed goodbye, I knew it couldn’t have happened.

I was  shooting with a 100mm lens so I was not far from my subjects and I never hide.  When she walked up to me and asked what I would do with those photographs I said “Probably put them in a museum.”   She said “Good” and walked on.  I thought about these two people  yesterday and smiled.

p.s. They are not yet in a museum.


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