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Six feet under or 600 feet under..I prefer 600. – George S. Zimbel 70 years of Photography

Six feet under or 600 feet under..I prefer 600.

Marble Quarry, Barre Vermont c. 1960's

This is about a print, specifically “Marble Quarry, Barre Vermont c.1960” which was requested by my late dealer Therese Dion shortly after we had closed my exhibit “Les Femmes” at her gallery here In Montreal.

I was surprised, but she told me that she had wanted to see a beautiful print of that image for a long time, but wanted Les Femmes on the wall before she pushed me to make it.

The print I finally made does everything I want a black and white print to do. Unlike digital prints, you can go beneath the surface, in fact it invites you to do that. I keep looking at it and it speaks to me.

Now Therese is gone, she was showing work right up to the end. I miss her. Until recently I thought that beautiful black & white paper would also be gone, but I hear that a new art photographic paper has been successfully tested and will be on the market soon. I can’t wait.

This print, 20”/16” printed on Agfa Classic was made by me in 2003 and has my log #3555. It is framed in black wood.

I think at 81, the title of this blog entry speaks for itself. But just in case you are confused, I had to be lowered 800 feet by cable in a bucket to photograph this wondrous environment. I was working on a Carborundum Company assignment for their legendary corporate art director, Richard DeNatale. Thanks Dick.

If you want information on acquiring this you can contact me or one of my dealers


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