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It’s a Life #2 – George S. Zimbel 70 years of Photography

It’s a Life #2

I have been photographing seriously since I was 14 (not necessarily very well!). That’s 64 years, and because I make my own prints (a philosophical matter) I realise that I have outrun my capacity to print what I want to print. It has an extremely dampening effect on shooting new work. Do I need another negative? When will I print it ? Shall I make three?; Shall I make six? I will definitely not print the image again…etc.etc. Not to mention the dissapearance of SG bartya paper. The whole thing is paralyzing in terms of producing work. Of course I still see photographs every time I walk down the street , but they end up in my head archive, not my print archive.
I decided to fight the impasse [block?] by making a collage from tests that I had processed and saved over the years…I had a big box..enough for two, plus one for dear old Marilyn which I have not yet begun. I did the collage and when people ask me what it’s about, I refer to the title “It’s A Life. ” That’s it – a bunch of fragments glued together by a viewpoint. Will I rip up some prints to do more? I don’t think so, but it is tempting… gsz

If you would like to see “It’s a Life #1 or #2 for possible acquisition by your museum collection, contact me or one of my dealers for information and a readable scan.


There is a finite inventory of museum quality silver gelatine images available for sale in various sizes, printed and signed by the photographer through these fine art galleries.

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