Fifty years apart – two photographs , two females in white outfits…

smaller-mmfa.jpgI am happy to announce the acquisition of two of my photographs by The Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal for their permanent collection.

You will  recognize Marilyn in her white dress:  “The Energy, NYC 1954″,  but I must introduce you to our dog Lily: ” Lily & George in the Park 2004″  The latter is part of my ongoing “shadow” series. I have come to the conclusion  that photographers are more aware of their shadows than most people and  start to use them as a subjects.

As for one of my favorite Marilyns “The Energy” breaks a lot of rules..photographing directly into the kleig lights, letting the subject fall off the edge of the frame etc., all of which proves there are no rules. That is a very important rule. …george

There is a finite inventory of museum quality silver gelatine images available for sale in various sizes, printed and signed by the photographer through these fine art galleries.

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