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George has been represented by the Stephen George at Stephen'sBulger Gallery for many years.  The Bulger Gallery connects people with photographs that inspire them. Since 1995, the gallery has become synonymous with great photographs of all types, making it Canada’s destination for enjoying original photographs. In addition to an active exhibition schedule, the gallery helps first time buyers, institutions, and collectors of all levels acquire the photographs they desire. We are the primary representative for several estates, as well as leading contemporary photographers and artists. We maintain an inventory of over 30,000 photographs comprised of historical Canadian works, as well as international Modern and Contemporary works that are either documentary in nature or that celebrate the medium. We also have a large selection of trade and limited-edition photography books for sale and offer appraisal services. We believe there are great photographs to suit every budget and endeavour to provide an inviting atmosphere for finding them.

There is a finite inventory of museum quality silver gelatine images available for sale in various sizes, printed and signed by the photographer through these fine art galleries.

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