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An 80 year old returns to work in the red light district – George S. Zimbel 70 years of Photography

An 80 year old returns to work in the red light district

Working with computers can be seductive. and the more I do it the more seductive it becomes. But really it is at least once removed from the real thing. That is why I decided to go back into my own red light district  and make prints of new work that languishes in negative envelopes on my enlarger table.. Oh, the poor enlarger…a Leitz  Focomat with a long pole that has gone through a fire that cracked it’s lens and condenser.  I think you would agree that it was schmucked.

However, if you believe in resurrection  you will know it has been given a new life. New lens, new condensers, new base, new easel etc. When I say new I mean about 40 years old. It looks old and so do I. Good people offer me their seat on the Montreal metro.

So with all this blather, what  did I actually print?  It  was   Flatiron Building NYC 2001 .  I needed a negative that would test my refrigerated Agfa Classic Paper.  It’s fine. First look at the content, then look  with special emphasis on the tonality.   It has a range of whites and blacks that would have made John Ebstel happy.

See Yann Le Mouel Auction,  Paris 21 November 2009 (#154)


Flatiron Building  NYC 2001  ©George  S  Zimbel

Flatiron Building, NYC 2001                                                                ©George S.  Zimbel

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