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Matt at MOMA  1960’s                                                                                                         ©George S. Zimbel

There are many ways to view photography these days.  I suppose that online is now the favorite, but the thrill of viewing an exceptional print of an exceptional photograph is still special.  Of course you can do it in a museum (Bravo museums!)  but that is a quiet  procedure often aided by the good docents who volunteer or sometimes only by  a headset with a voice that tries to tell you what you are seeing.

The AIPAD  Show  at NYC’s Park Avenue  Armory is  a chance to see extraordinary examples of the photographic art, and if you have not been wiped out by the neo-capitalists, you can even buy a print that touches your soul. I am not being poetic: Every day I see my print of   Marcel Bovis’s  “Paris Bar”  hanging on the wall in front of my computer and it gives me pleasure. Every day. My kids pitched in to buy it for me in the 80’s. That’s a lot of pleasure.

I don’t know which if any of my work will be on view because each dealer has a concept of what they want to show in a given year. They have the  pulse of the market and they have to sell to survive. These great galleries represent me and will be happy to greet you at AIPAD: Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto  (Steve is the President of AIPAD),  John Cleary Gallery, Houston,  A Gallery of Fine Photography, New Orleans,  Fahey Klein Gallery , Los Angeles,  Staley Wise Gallery, NYC

There are many events connected to this show and they will all be listed on Aipad’s website, but I particularly want to mention  the gala for the John Szarkowski Fund at MOMA  because  John instigated my first  MOMA acquisition  with the question:”Why aren’t you in our collection?”

Hope to see you there….george

P.S.  I  received word that  John Cleary Gallery will have my Marilyn Monroe Portfolio of 9 prints, boxed with text.(#5 0f  21 currently existing..printed and signed by me. This portfolio was created at the suggestion of the late John Cleary during my exhibition “Documents”  at the gallery in 2000.  They  will also have my print “Matt at MOMA 1968.”

There is a finite inventory of museum quality silver gelatine images available for sale in various sizes, printed and signed by the photographer through these fine art galleries.

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