A Note For New Collectors

Recently I asked myself “Is photography about ideas or about feelings?” This is a good question to ask yourself before you start acquiring a collection of any kind of art.

If your answer is “feelings” then I suggest you listen to no one but yourself and build a collection that reflects your unique personality. If it about ideas, (history, trends, movements, value) you may want to consult the opinions of those who have laboured in the field and have a larger sense of the work that is out there. The famous art director Alexey Brodovitch told us one night : “You are responsible for everything that has come before you”. At the time I didn’t want to listen to that because I was determined to do my own thing, uninfluenced by the work of others. This was an attitude of youth and I still support it for youths. However, I am no longer a youth and am very much interested in what has gone before me and around me in photography. I think you call it history. Of course I have finally figured out what my photography is about, so I am not afraid of outside influences. That takes a long time.

Here is what museum curators have decided about me, as of August 2007. Stay tuned. These prints are available at my dealers, or at my studio if you want to discuss the work. Phone first…gsz

George S. Zimbel – Works in Museum Collections (updated 1/8/07)

Key to Museum Names:
AGNS: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
BM: The Brooklyn Museum
CCAG: Confederation Centre Art Gallery & Museum
CMCP: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
ICP: International Center of Photography , NYC
IVAM: Institut Valencia d’art Modern
MACM: Musee d’Art contemporain de Montreal
MAHL: Musee d’art et histoire de Luxembourg
MFAH: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
MNBAQ: Musee National Des Beaux-Arts Du Quebec
MOMA : Museum of Modern Art, NYC
NGC: National Gallery of Canada
OAG: Owens Art Gallery, N.B.
TMMP: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography


1. Irish Dancehall, the Bronx 1954 : MOMA, MFAH, IVAM,ICP, TOKYO MET, MFAH,MFAQ

2. Marilyn Monroe & Billy Wilder NYC 1954: MFAH, IVAM, MACM, MA LUX

3. Jacqueline & John Kennedy, NYC 1960: MOMA, TMMP  IVAM,ICP, MFAQ, CCAG

4. The Goose, Bronx 1958: ICP, MFAH, MACM

5. Harlem from 125th St. 1960’s : IVAM, MFAH, MACM, ICP

6. Blonde Girl & Black Dog 1962 : ICP, OAG

7. Fun Fun, Montreal 1986 : Tokyo, MFAQ, CCAG

8. Manhattan Looking South NY 1954 : TMMP

9. Woman at the bar, N.O 1955: MOMA, TMMP

10. Old Ferguson Place 1980 :IVAM, CCAG

11. Boys with Hats, NYC 1953: TMMP, ICP, OAG

12. Boy & Empire State Bldg. 1955: IVAM, TMMP

13. Black Boy & Great Dane, Harlem 1960’s :MFAH, IVAM, ICP

14. Going to Class,MIT 1958: CCAG, MFAH

15. Young Man & Woman, Paris 1952: MFAH, TMMP

16. Girl Twirling, Ala. 1957: IVAM, OAG

17. Boy & Gun, Bronx 1969 :ICP, OAG

18. Hoods Up, NYC 1954: IVAM, ICP

19. The Auction, P.E.I., Canada 1978: CCAG, OAG

20. Dolly at the Stream 1970’s : TMMP

21. Woman & Her Dog, Bklyn 1968: MFAH,  MACM

22. Marilyn Monroe 1954: MACM, ICP, MFAQ, CMCP, MALUX, CCAG

23. An American Man, Peekskill NY 1960’s: MFAH, MFAQ

24. Eisenhower & Nixon, NYC 1960: MFAH, ICP

25. Harry Truman Walk 1960: MFAH, IVAM,ICP

26. Harry & Bess Truman NYC 1954: MFAQ, CMCP

27. Nixon Kennedy TV Debate 1960: MACM

28. “Still Movies” Margie Gillis Dances 1980’s : AGNS

29. UN Plaza at Night, 1955 : TMMP

30. The Birthday Party, P.E.I. 1976: CCAG

31. Last Picture, Bona Fide Farm 1980: CCAG

32. Couple with Coke, Paris 1952: CCAG

33. Dancer, PEI 1976: CCAG

34. Looking Down at Spike, Montreal 1998: MFAH

35. Marble Quarry, Vermont 1960’s: IVAM

36. Jean Seberg & Etienne deCroux, NYC 1959: IVAM

37. The Calatrava Additions, Milwaukee 2002: IVAM

38. Black Man Reading, Paris 1952: IVAM

39. Jodi On The Couch, Peekskill 1964 : IVAM

40. Horizon House,Englewood Cliffs N.J. 1963: IVAM

41. Beautiful Fishes, Valencia 2000: IVAM

42. Edward R. Morrow, NYC 1959: ICP

43. Dead man Under 3rd Ave El. 1951: ICP, MFAQ

44. The Queen Mother & Admirers 1964: ICP

45. Hopscotch, Sunday Morning NYC 1951:  ICP

46. Construction Workers, 35th Street, NYC 1955: ICP

47. Richard Nixon & John Kennedy in the Palms 1960: ICP

48. Space babies, Jones Beach NY 1959: OAG

49. Boy or Man, Tarrytown N.Y. 1960’s: OAG

50. Spelling Aerial, Tarrytown, N.Y. 1960’s: OAG

51. The Laundry, Bona Fide Farm 1976: NGC

52. Sunday Morning, NYC 1951 (Herald Tribune): NGC

52. Figure in the Window, 1150 St. Joseph E. 1998: MFAQ

53. The Physics Lecture, MIT 1958: MACM

54. Dance at the UN 1955 : MACM

55. Alone in the Hall, Tarrytown N.Y.1960’s: MACM

56. Approach to George Washington Bridge. 1953: MACM

57. Still Movies: The Box , NYC 1951 : MACM

58. Still Movies: TV Playback, 1959: MACM

59. Our Last Day in Valencia, 2000: IVAM

60. Up Against the Wall, Cadaquez Spain 2000: IVAM

61. Serious Marilyn, N.Y.C. 1954 : BM

There is a finite inventory of museum quality silver gelatine images available for sale in various sizes, printed and signed by the photographer through these fine art galleries.

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