A New View 1954//A New View 2009

In 1954  there was a lot of new construction  in NYC…everything tall. I realized that there were views of Manhattan that had never been seen before and suggested a piece titled “New Views of New York” to the N.Y. Times magazine. They said yes. One of my main remembrances, besides the fantastic views was walking up 60 flights of stairs to get the vantage point I wanted. This summer,  while vacationing near Lac Taureau Quebec, Elaine and I saw a practically vertical new road. We decided to drive up .  What we saw was a view of the lake that  had not been possible before. Using  my 48 year old M4 Leica  &  57 year old Leica Elmar 35mm lens, (my nostalgia kit)  I shot a few frames of Tri-X. The result is not as dramatic as the NYC photograph, but I find it calming to  have this grainy Elmarish image and have decided to use some of my  precious refrigerated Agfa Classic paper to make a print which I intend to enjoy. Manhattan Looking South 1954     ©George S. Zimbel 1954/2009Manhattan Looking South 1954   &   Lac Taureau Quebec 2009     ©George S. Zimbel 1954/2009                                                   Lac Taureau Quebec 2009                                        ©G. Zimbel 2009

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