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A letter to a collector – George S. Zimbel 70 years of Photography

A letter to a collector

Fiction Dept 1960's {Vintage}Hello ****
When I was in NYC recently for the AIPAD meeting, I went to a workshop presented by The Center for the Legacy of Photography [George Eastman House].

It was titled “What makes a photographic print a masterpiece?” There were some very distinguished curators on the panel, and when all was said and done it had to do with the particular person’s love for a particular image. It didn’t matter if there were processing problems, even some stains. You could tell they really loved the particular photograph they were describing.

I realised that we have become intimidated by the word “pristine” …never my favorite. So, when I got back to Montreal I started to look at some of my battered vintage prints , most of them negativeless due to my fire in 1966. One I thought you would like to see is “Fiction Department 1960’s” and I am sending you a direct scan.

I seem to be busier than ever, even though I am mindful of the wreckage of the financial system..there are some advantages to not being a “high ender.”

Hope you are well and enjoying the new grass in Central Park.



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