A Father’s Influence: If My Father Could Write

If my father could, I feel he would write this blog. So I hope you don’t mind me, his second son, archive manager and webmaster, putting words onto his blog. 

As I sit here, in this beautiful sun-filled gallery reflecting on my journey as a photographer, I can’t help but imagine what my father, the humanist photographer George Zimbel, would say about my photography exhibit.  I am certain his words would be filled with pride and admiration as he walked the show. 

He would undoubtedly share his delight in seeing me embrace my passion and nurture my creative vision.  I imagine he would be thinking of the countless hours we spent together, discussing the nuances of light, composition, and storytelling.  I imagine he would think of the little boy at his side as we walked from the house, past the lilac bush, to his office/darkroom in the barn.  I think he would smile at the memory of our time together. I know I feel his presence, his guiding hand gently nudging me toward finding my own voice as a photographer.

Alas, my father’s physical presence may no longer grace us, but his spirit and influence remain ever-present. It is with immense gratitude and a touch of nostalgia that I announce my very first photography exhibit—a milestone I wish I could share with him in person.

This show, which runs until the end of May, is not only a celebration of my lifelong dream but also a testament to the profound impact my father had on my artistic path. Through his captivating imagery, he showed me the beauty that lies in capturing the ordinary, the whispers of life’s fleeting moments.

You can see the similarity of our styles in my image: My Shadow on Lichen, and his image, Shadow and Lamp with Lillie. 

Immersed in my own collection, I strive to honour his legacy and capture the essence of everyday life, just as he did. Each photograph is a testament to our shared love for the art form and a tribute to the lessons he imparted upon me. The first six images in the show are a direct homage to his style; street photography with a heart.  While in the later images, I riff on his training of seeing light and beauty by adding my own creative stamp.

I know my father would encourage all of you to visit the exhibit and experience the emotions that art can evoke. He would emphasize the importance of cherishing these captured moments and the stories they tell. 

Although his words may only echo in my imagination, his presence continues to guide me as I navigate the artistic landscape. This exhibit, on show until May 30th at 918 Bathurst | Culture, Arts, Media & Education Centre, can also be seen on my website, www.andrewzimbelphotography.ca.  It is the start of a new chapter in my life, a gift to myself on my 65th birthday, and a testament to the enduring influence of my father.

I invite you to explore this collection, witness the whispers of the ordinary through my lens, and join me in celebrating the magic of photography. Let us honour the memory of George Zimbel and the profound impact he had on my journey.

Visit my website, www.andrewzimbelphotography.ca/show-hours, for details on show hours and further information about the exhibit. 

With heartfelt gratitude and the spirit of George Zimbel by my side,

Andrew Zimbel,
Webmaster, Archive Manager & Second Son, George Zimbel Photography


A sample of a few of the pictures you will find in my show

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